All4 Events & Entertainment is now a SafetyBloxx dealer

We’re happy to announce our new partnership with All4 Events & Entertainment as our SafetyBloxx dealer. All4 Events & Entertainment, or A4E for short, is a renowned specialist in rental and sales of all kinds of general and technical facilities for events.

About A4E

A4E is a well-known and extremely experienced specialist in organising and setting up events. For example, they supply all fittings and accessories for events such as concerts, trade fairs, sports events, festivals, jazz concerts, TV programmes and film sequences. Their clients include promotors, TV and film producers, organisational agencies and production companies. A4E provides you with a complete range of the services you need for organising and holding your events. They coordinate the entire construction and dismantling operation at your location, and they carry it out for you as well. And they also supply all the necessary accessories such as stage curtains, backdrops, platforms, podiums, tents and other general and technical facilities.

Collaboration with other parties

A4E has entered into partnerships with a number of specially selected enterprises in order to provide all its clients with top-quality services. Each of these enterprises has specialised expertise and experience relating to events, which means that it can meet its clients’ needs in the best possible way. Thanks to its strong and extensive network and its many years of experience, A4E can take care of absolutely everything for its clients 24/7, and it’s a reliable partner for all your events.

A4E and SafetyBloxx

Protecting visitors at events against undesirable forms of traffic and other contingencies requires a safe yet stylish solution. From now on, our heavy-duty, multifunctional and attractive SafetyBloxx will be a welcome addition to the services provided by All4 Events & Entertainment. Events organisers can simply rent the SafetyBloxx as part of a more comprehensive services package provided by All4 Events & Entertainment. At SafetyBloxx, this partnership means we can reinforce our market position and reach more clients with our innovative concrete road blocks which actually enhance the atmosphere. We’re looking forward to a pleasant long-term partnership between our organisations.

If you’d like more information on events, simply contact A4E.

Kiotoweg 727
3047 BG Rotterdam
The Netherlands

+31 (0)85 – 4867888